Question: What Is The Biggest Mule Deer Ever Killed?

What is the biggest mule?

The tallest mule ever was Apollo who measured 19 hands (1.96 m, 77 in) and was owned by Herbert L.

Mueller of Chicago, Illinois, USA..

What does a big mule deer score?

We want an animal that has an inside spread that is beyond the buck’s ears. This equates to an inside spread of 19-23″. Heavy beamed deer with this width hardly ever score below 160″ and they turn out to be great trophies. Even bucks with tall genetics will be a little past their ears when they are mature.

Are mule deer bigger than whitetail?

Mule deer does weigh in between 100 and 220 pounds, whereas white-tailed does come in anywhere from 90-200 lbs. Whitetails also have a higher birth rate, their does can often breed their first fall at 6 months of age. Mule deer does take longer to mature.

How old was the Hanson buck?

What Is it That Makes This Record Whitetail So Hard to Surpass? I remember the first time I saw the 14-point, 213 5/8-inch world record B&C buck that Milo Hanson shot in 1993 with his .

What state has the biggest whitetail bucks?

Top 10 Trophy Whitetail StatesWisconsin. Wisconsin offers giant-bodied northern bucks and arguably the best big-antler growing genetics in the world. … Ohio. With almost 500 new B&C entries in the past decade, Ohio handily scored second place in the top trophy whitetail states. … Kentucky. … Illinois. … Iowa. … Indiana. … Kansas. … Missouri.More items…•

Which state hunts the most?

TexasTexas lead the nation in number of deer hunters in 2016-2017 with nearly 740,000 participants. The Lone Star State has also seen a 28% increase in deer hunters from 2006 to 2016, according to QDMA.

How big is the world record mule deer?

Sporting a gross score of 303 0/8 inches and a net score of 291 1/8 inches, the Bennett buck surpasses the former world record non-typical mule deer by 16 2/8 inches, a mark that had stood since Ronald Reagan was President of the United States.

What state can you shoot the most deer?

Best States Based on Deer Per Square Mile Mississippi tops the list at almost 40 deer per square mile, but Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan all show an average of more than 30 deer per square mile. Indiana, Alabama, South Carolina and Kentucky all have 23 or more deer per square mile.

What is the biggest deer killed in the world?

The largest buck on record now is a 47-point buck taken by a Tennessee hunter in 2016, according to the Tennessean. Stephen Tucker of Gallatin, Tennessee, shot that buck in Sumner County with a muzzleloader rifle, the newspaper reported.

Do mule deer have eye guards?

By definition, a typical mule deer will have four points per side, plus eye guards.

What is the hardest deer to hunt?

Deer Hunting: America’s 6 Toughest Whitetail BucksThe oldest and wariest deer thrive in the most difficult to hunt corners of whitetail country. But just how do you hunt these intimidating haunts? … 1) The Big Timber buck. … 2) The Oak Flat Buck. … 3) The Swamp Buck. … 4) Pine Plantation Buck. … 5) The Cornfield Buck. … 6) The Suburb Buck.

What is the world record non typical whitetail deer?

333-7/8With the help of Wayne Porath, deer biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation, Murphy scored the trophy (for the 18th Awards Entry Period) at 325-7/8. Later, the rack was officially scored at 333-7/8, and became the new world’s record non-typical whitetail.

Where are the largest mule deer found?

ColoradoWith the largest population of mule deer anywhere at over 400,000 animals, Colorado has to be considered a top destination for big mule deer, simply based on numbers.

What is the best state to hunt mule deer?

5 Best States for Mule Deer HuntingColorado. Colorado is widely regarded as the nation’s top mule deer destination. … Idaho. Idaho runs a close second to Colorado when it comes to mule deer hunting. … Montana. Montana has a lot of country and lot of mule deer. … Wyoming. Wyoming was once considered the cream of the crop for mule deer hunters. … Nebraska.

Can a whitetail breed with a mule deer?

Whitetail bucks will breed with mule deer does, and the offspring usually retain the whitetail characteristics. Reverse mating — mule deer bucks to whitetail does — is rarer. So where the two species share a common range, the whitetail tends to dominate.

What is the heaviest mule deer ever killed?

The SCI #1 typical Rocky Mountain Mule Deer was hunted by Max Johnson with a rifle in San Juan County, Utah in October of 1968. This magnificent buck was a 5×5 and his main beams measured in excess of 27″ & 29″ respectively. He had a massive inside spread of 36 4/8″ and scored 228 5/8″.

What is the biggest whitetail deer ever shot?

The largest buck on record now is a 47-point buck taken by a Tennessee hunter in 2016, according to the Tennessean. Stephen Tucker of Gallatin, Tennessee, shot that buck in Sumner County with a muzzleloader rifle, the newspaper reported.

How old is a 4 point mule deer?

If given the chance, mule deer can live up to approximately 12 years of age. A mule deer’s life typically begins in May or June.