Quick Answer: How Do You Respond Or Respond?

How do you respond when someone says how do you do?

The correct response is simply to repeat the question “How do you do?” or to say “Nice to meet you”.

In less formal gatherings you would simply say “Hello” when introduced to another person.

“How are you?” is a polite enquiry after the health of someone you know or have at least met before..

What respond means?

1 : to say something in return : make an answer respond to criticism. 2a : to react in response responded to a call for help.

Did he respond or responded?

“I didn’t respond to him” is correct. “Didn’t responded is incorrect. By using “did,” you are already making the act in the past. You don’t need to say “responded,“ because people already know that you are speaking of a past act.

What’s up best reply?

“What’s up” is another way of asking “How are you” and “what’s going on”. To reply, you can usually start the conversation with something interesting that’s happened since you last spoke, or, if nothing interesting has happened you can simply say “not much, what’s up with you?”.

What are types of response?

Types of ResponsesAgree/Disagree Response.Interpretive/Reflective Response.Analytic/Evaluative Response.

Which is correct response or respond?

Response is a noun while respond is a verb.

Does answer mean reply?

1. Answer, rejoinder, reply, response, retort all mean words used to meet a question, remark, charge, etc. An answer is a return remark: an answer giving the desired information. A rejoinder is a quick, usually clever answer or remark made in reply to another’s comment, not to a question.

What is the opposite of respond?

What is the opposite of respond?ceasehaltidleignorekeepquestionrefusestop

What is an antonym for respond?

respond. Antonyms: propound, disagree, disaccord, jar, differ. Synonyms: answer, reply, rejoin, correspond, tally, accord, meet, suit.

What’s the difference between Reply and Reply All?

Reply only sends the new message to the original sender. Attachments are not included. Reply all sends the new message to the original sender and all other recipients on the To and Cc lines.

How do you respond to thank you?

10 English Phrases for Responding to “Thank You”You’re welcome.No problem.No worries.Don’t mention it.My pleasure.Anytime.It was the least I could do.Glad to help.More items…

What is another word for respond?

Some common synonyms of response are answer, rejoinder, reply, and retort.

What to reply for it means a lot?

Pretty much the same meaning or implied meaning using a different word. In the above example you provided, their response of “that means a lot” can be interpreted as saying: Hey, I am glad you acknowledged my hard work and dedication to improving so it means a lot, thanks!

What is the best reply for Do I know you?

I hope you don’t. You better do! Yes, its me……… hope you remember.

What is an example of response?

The definition of response is a reaction after something is done. An example of response is how someone reacts to an ink blot on a card. A reaction, as that of an organism or a mechanism, to a specific stimulus. A reaction, as that of an organism or any of its parts, to a specific stimulus.

How do you use respond?

Respond sentence examplesWhen she didn’t respond, Alex looked up. … He didn’t respond and she didn’t look back. … I felt a need to respond but wasn’t sure what to say. … He must respond in kind. … His moods flipped back and forth so fast it was hard to know how he would respond to anything. … When she didn’t respond he continued.More items…

What is the answer for this question?

The preposition to denotes assignment – that the answer is being “applied” to the question, whether the answer is right or wrong. Conceptually, that makes a lot more sense than the previous one. This is also the more common usage. So I think “the answer to this question” would be your better choice.

What is the past tense for respond?

respond ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌present tensehe/she/itrespondspresent participlerespondingpast tenserespondedpast participleresponded1 more row