What Does GWS Mean In Slang?

What is GWS in chatting?

GWS — Get Well Soon..

What does WTB mean in slang?

Want to Buy”Want to Buy” is the most common definition for WTB on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. WTB. Definition: Want to Buy.

What does g2g mean in texting?

Interjection. G2G. (Internet slang) Abbreviation of got to go. (Internet slang) Abbreviation of get together.

What does HWS mean in text message?

Husband Wants Sexhows is used in Texting. The word hws is used in Sexual, Acronym, Texting meaning Husband Wants Sex,how is,hows.

What does BTW stand for?

By the wayARCHIVED: What do BTW, FAQ, FYI, IMHO, RTFM, and other acronyms mean?AFAICAs far as I’m concernedBRBBe right backBTDTBeen there, done thatBTWBy the wayBUAGButt-ugly ASCII graphic50 more rows•Jan 18, 2018

What means Icymi?

In case you missed itICYMI: Words We’re Watching. In case you missed it, a new abbreviation is out and about: ICYMI. It’s what people say – or type, rather – when they want to point you in the direction of something interesting or enlightening that’s available for your perusal online – in case you missed it.

What does GWD mean?

GWDAcronymDefinitionGWDGood Web DesignGWDGeraint Wyn Davies (actor)GWDGrundwehrdiener (German: one who does Grundwehrdienst; Basic Military Service)GWDGreat Web Development11 more rows

What does Noob mean in texting?

(Internet slang, often pejorative) A newb or newbie; refers to the idea that someone is new to a game, concept, or idea; implying a lack of experience. Also, in some areas the word noob can mean someone is obsessed with things. Noobs are annoying, they never know the forum rules.

What does WTD mean in texting?

what to doWTD is an internet slang acronym used for what to do, as in what to do about a situation or what to do with the poster’s time. Related words: wwdd.

What is the full form of GND?

GNDGround Governmental » Military — and more…Rate it:GNDGennum Corporation Business » Stock ExchangeRate it:GNDGround (voltage level) Academic & Science » ElectronicsRate it:GNDGraduate Non-Degree program Academic & Science » Academic DegreesRate it:GNDGrama Niladari Division CommunityRate it:20 more rows

What does g2g mean in wow?

Got To Go’G2G’ is the known abbreviation for the phrase “Got To Go”, also “Gotta Go”.

What does BBL mean?

Brazilian butt lift. VikaValterGetty Images. You can exercise your way to bigger glutes—or for those wanting immediate or more dramatic results—there’s the option of a Brazilian butt lift (BBL).