What Does It Mean When Someone Says You Are A Force To Be Reckoned With?

What happens when you accommodate another?

If you accommodate, you are making an adjustment to suit a particular purpose.

If you accommodate your brother’s demand for the attic room, then you give in and let him take over that space..

What is a synonym for accommodate?

oblige, admit, adapt, lodge, fit, suit, reconcile, adjust, conform, hold, conciliate.

What does notch mean?

notch. Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for August 25, 2016 is: notch • \NAHTCH\ • noun. 1 a : a V-shaped indentation b : a slit made to serve as a record c : a rounded indentation cut into the pages of a book on the edge opposite the spine 2 : a deep close pass : gap 3 : degree, step.

Where do they say reckon?

JOHNSTON: You know, like in England, it’s quite common to say ‘reckon,’ which in American English is quite unusual, or you might here it in the South perhaps or in more old-fashioned contexts.” AA: “Like, ‘I reckon I’ll go in when the sun gets too hot. ‘”

How do you use the word reckon in a sentence?

Examples of reckon in a Sentence Do you reckon you’ll be able to go to the grocery store after work? We’ll have to leave early, I reckon. They reckoned that they would reach their destination by noon. Losses were reckoned to be over a million dollars.

What is a day of reckoning mean?

: a time when the consequences of a course of mistakes or misdeeds are felt the flow of wealth …

What does it mean to take by force?

Verb. To remove or take out, especially with effort or force.

Is a force to be reckoned with an idiom?

A person or thing considered to be strong, powerful, or difficult to defeat. A variant of the more common “a force to be reckoned with.” They say the young boxer is a force to reckon with, so I’m betting he’ll win the match tonight.

What accommodate means?

transitive verb. 1 : to provide with something desired, needed, or suited I needed money, and they accommodated me with a loan. 2a : to make room for rebuilt the ship to accommodate the bigger containers. b : to hold without crowding or inconvenience a hotel that can accommodate about 100 people.

What does reckoned mean in the Bible?

The verb “to reckon” is a translation of the Greek word λογίζομαι, which transliterates as logizomai. … For example, Charles Cranfield gives this definition of the word in his comment on Romans 8:18: “a firm conviction reached by rational thought on the basis of the gospel.”

What does it mean to reckon with something?

to be forced to deal with someone or something. If he threatens you again, he’ll have me to reckon with. Synonyms and related words. + To try to deal with a problem or difficulty.

What is the synonym of reckoned?

consider to be, deem to be, regard as, look on as, take to be. 3’I reckon she had her eye on him from the start’ SYNONYMS. believe, think, be of the opinion, be of the view, be convinced, suspect, dare say, have an idea, have a feeling, imagine, fancy, guess, suppose, assume, surmise, conjecture, consider.

What does it mean not to be reckoned with?

To be reckoned with” means you have to take something into consideration. ” Not to be reckoned with” sounds like you have to NOT take something into consideration, i.e. you HAVE TO ignore it. That doesn’t seem right. A better way to say it would be, “Need not be reckoned with.”

How do you become a force to be reckoned with?

In sports, a team might be described as a force to be reckoned with if it is difficult to defeat or is at least as good as the opposing team.

Is reckon a formal word?

It is true that to an English speaker, “I reckon” is used most often as a colloquialism. In a more formal setting, however, the word “reckoning” has shades of both “judgment” and “calculation” in its meaning. … It’s more of a colloquial word. In the USA, you might here it more in the south.

What type of word is accommodate?

The adjective accommodating means eager or willing to help or please in this way. Accommodate can also mean to make or have room for, as in This bus can accommodate up to 50 passengers.